Frequently Asked Questions
How do I earn a badge?
Course participants who successfully complete the course and meet all the criteria in the specified time frame will be issued a badge.
I completed one of the badge-granting programs prior to January 2015. Can I receive a badge for it?
No, badges will not be issued retroactively.
What can I do with a digital badge?
After they've earned a badge, users can decide whether to publish their badges to their public profiles on UCalgary Badges, or to keep them private. They can print a summary of the badges they’ve earned and when, or the selection criteria for each badge.

UCalgary Badges can also be added to Mozilla's OpenBadges backpack, where they can be displayed alongside badges earned from other courses or institutions.
Can I add my badges to social media?
Yes, you can share your badges using social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, by visiting My Badges page and clicking on Share button.
Where can I learn more about badges?
Mozilla's OpenBadges introduces badges and how they work. Another good starting point is EDUCAUSE's 7 things you should know about badges.
I lost my password. How can I get a new one?
On the Login page, enter your email address and click ‘Forgot password?’ A new password will be emailed to you.
How private is my information?
As with any site in which you create an account, there are site administrators who have access to records and account holders’ information. By using the site you acknowledge that your information is not truly anonymous.
What will happen if this site is removed?
We have no plans to remove the site. If it were to be closed down, the site administrators would send you an email notifying you that you have 90 days in which to download your certificates. After 90 days, the site would no longer be available for you to retrieve information.
Can I issue a badge on UCalgary badges?
Anyone interested in issuing badges using the UCalgary Badges platform should contact
I have questions about UCalgary Badges. Who can I talk to?
Please contact if you have any questions.