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SoTL Foundations Program: Graduate Students
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The scholarship of teaching and learning or SoTL, is research-based inquiry by disciplinary experts at the post-secondary level who seek to understand or improve student learning, and the teaching practices that facilitate that learning. Through a series of discussion-based sessions focused on brief foundational SoTL readings, attending short workshops, and developing a basic SoTL plan, participants in the program learn about scholarly, evidence-based approaches to student learning and to their own teaching.

Upon completion of the SoTL Foundations Program, participants will be able to:
  • Describe SoTL as a field and as a practice, emphasizing its key concepts, questions, and scholars,
  • Use SoTL to begin asking meaningful questions about their own disciplinary teaching and learning experiences, and
  • Develop a basic SoTL plan by identifying a meaningful question and appropriate methods for answering it.
Participants who complete this one-semester Program will be prepared to support, collaborate on, and/or conduct SoTL projects.
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Reading discussion group sessions
Prepare for and participate in any four of the six-scheduled reading discussion group sessions.
Participate in 3 SoTL workshops at the Taylor Institute.
SoTL Project
Develop and submit a brief plan for a SoTL project with an explanation of how it draws upon the readings and discussion groups attended.