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What are badges?

Badges are digital icons with embedded information about when, where and how they were earned. This information, or metadata, includes the name of the issuer, the date issued, and the criteria for earning the badge. Badges provide a visual record of achievement, and can be combined with a portfolio to allow users to demonstrate their learning in ways other than traditional credit course work.

What is micro-credentialing?

Micro-credentialing is a way to recognize competencies or skills acquired through a variety of learning experiences or at a more granular level than is captured by transcripts or degrees. Micro-credentialing also allows academic staff, graduate students, and staff to document their professional development. Users have the flexibility to select their own learning experiences and set their own personal learning pathway.

How to earn badges

Participants in badge-granting programs who successfully meet the criteria within the specified time frame will be issued a digital badge. Users can choose whether to show or hide their badge on their UCalgary Badges profile, and can print a summary of their badges or a specific badge's criteria. Users can also choose to export their UCalgary badges to Mozilla's OpenBadges Backpack, and share them using social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn.