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Continuing Education Course Design Program (CECDP)
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The Continuing Education Course Design Program (CECDP) is for UCalgary Continuing Education instructors who want to efficiently and effectively design (or re-design) an online or classroom course. This 5-week course guides participants through a simple process while they develop their own instructionally-sound course. This program is taught entirely online and consists of approximately 4-5 hours (each week) of structured learning activities, as well as five assignments that are submitted to the course instructor.
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Assignment 1: Critique your course learning outcomes.
Submit a checklist that compares your outcomes to the standards, then recommend updates (if needed) to the course instructor.
Assignment 2: Design assignments that measure if students have achieved the learning outcomes.
Using a template, align your proposed assignments to the learning outcomes. Submit the draft for feedback, then revise and finalize your assignments. Re-submit your final assignments for approval.
Assignment 3A: Prepare your learners for graded assignments.
For each graded assignment in the course, describe 3 learning activities that prepare learners for the assignment. Submit for feedback from the course instructor.
Assignment 3B: Create an orientation session and a lesson for your first online or classroom session.
Using the template, design your first synchronous class, which includes an orientation session and a lesson. Use the standards checklist to check your work then submit to the course instructor for feedback.
Assignment 4: Create a course outline and an assignment information sheet for each assignment in your course.
Using the templates, complete a course outline and, for each assignment, write detailed instructions and create a rubric for grading. Submit to the instructor and program manager for feedback.