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Research Associate Professional Identity Development (RAPID) Program: Level 1
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The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TI) Research Associate (RA) Program holds the vision of creating a community of research, innovation, and excellence in undergraduate and graduate students employed at the TI. The RA Program invites current RAs to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to meet individual project goals, engage in the TI community, and create meaningful work experiences that empower their future aspirations. The Research Associate Professional Identity Development (RAPID) Program provides RAs an opportunity to enhance their TI training and learning by engaging in self-study of the development of their professional identity. Participants will be both researcher and researched as they engage the question: How do my daily experiences and practices as an RA impact my identity as an aspiring professional (adapted from Foot, Crowe, Tollafield, and Allan, 2014: 106)?
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Lunch & Learns
Participate in any three of the following Lunch & Learns: September 20 (12:00-1:00pm), October 11 (12:00-1:00pm), November 1 (12:00-1:00pm), November 22 (12:00-1:00pm), December 13 (12:00-1:00pm).
Field notes
Maintain a record of their self-study in the form of field notes to identify and reflect on key moments in their professional identity development throughout their RA roles.
Prepare a final reflective piece (blog, vlog, or mini-portfolio) drawing from two experiences in their field notes that caused them to learn something significant about their professional identity.