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Teaching Online Program 2015
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The Teaching Online Program (TOP) is a four-week, immersive program for instructors who want to get started or enhance their online teaching. TOP is taught entirely online using a variety of technologies and strategies to facilitate participant learning through interactions, content delivery, and assignments. TOP is designed to give participants knowledge and practical skills in both developing and teaching an online course in higher education. TOP participants work individually and in small groups, spending the majority of the time working asynchronously with some scheduled live synchronous events. Participants work through the program as a cohort, interacting with other participants and the facilitators.
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Post a message to the discussion board introducing yourself to peers.
Participation in the Discussion Board
Participate in one or more of the online discussion forums each week (1, 2, 3, and 4) of the program. You are required to do one original post with your comments on the topic, and one or more response, each week. Both the original posts and the responses must be substantive. You may draw upon the readings in the program, add a comment from your personal experience, advance the ideas in the discussion, analyze it in a different way, cite research, motivate the group, or add a new perspective.
Facilitate a Discussion Topic
Facilitate a discussion forum in one of the following: week 2, week 3, or week 4. You will write an introductory post for your forum, setting the initial guidelines and/or questions for discussion. Throughout the week you will maintain the discussion by providing feedback and comments to participants, motivating them, and asking questions to extend the discussion. At the end of the week, write a summary post that summarizes the discussion themes and provides additional questions or comments for further thought. If you are assigned a partner to facilitate the discussion topic, you can do either the introductory or summary post, and your partner will do the other one.
Activity Planning Sheet
Using the activity planning sheet template found in the TOP course site, outline one activity that you could use in an online course. The entire chart must be completed with sufficient detail, including a description of the activity, delineating the steps involved, the type of activity (reading, reflecting, displaying, or doing), the types of interaction, the tools used if applicable, and what you would do to facilitate each of the steps.
Assessment Blueprint
Using the assessment blueprint template found in the TOP course site, plan out the student assessment items for your online course. The entire chart must be completed with sufficient detail, including a list of your course outcomes, assessment items, along with whether each item is formative, summative, or both, the weighting of the item, what tools are used, and implementation, facilitation, and feedback strategies.
Online Teaching Philosophy
For the final assignment in the program, participants write their Online Teaching Philosophy to capture their values, beliefs, thoughts and strategies they have about teaching and learning online. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their practice and experience of teaching online as well as completing TOP program to understand who they are as an online educator. This one-to-two page long philosophy must be completed with sufficient detail and structure that it is appropriate for a credit course.