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Badge Issuers
Continuing Education
Learning Services advances the quality of Continuing Education courses and seminars by providing support, feedback and resources to instructors.
Faculty of Science
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary is a leading research and teaching institution with a strong international reputation.
The Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) Digital Media Commons facilitates and provides support for exploration and creation of new media forms.
Haskayne School of Business
Haskayne Executive Education programs offer an elevated educational experience that combine real world knowledge, leading-edge research and practical applications to empower leaders and executives to achieve sustained success and to enable our business community to grow and prosper.
Cumming School of Medicine
The McCaig Institute focuses on early and accurate diagnosis, understanding of disease cause, personalized treatments, prevention of bone and joint conditions and improvement of health care delivery in Alberta.
Werklund School of Education
The Office of Teaching and Learning fulfills an important role of enhancing teaching and learning practices in the Werklund School of Education.
The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to better understanding and improving student learning.
UCalgary Badges
Ucalgary Badges Member badge allows account holders to experiment with features of the UCalgary Badges site such as hiding and publishing badges, and adding them to Mozilla Open Badges.
The primary mandate of University Relations is to build, enhance and protect the reputation of the university. Our teams share the story of our goals and accomplishments with our on-campus family and external communities, locally and around the world.
Badge Levels
Level 3 badges are program/course level and require approximately 10-15 hours of work or equivalent.
Level 2 badges are module level and require approximately 5-10 hours of work or equivalent.
Level 1 badges require 0-5 hours of work or equivalent.